ABT R8 GTR turned coupe

February 26, 2013 at 12:24 pm

Thanks to experts of tuning studio ABT Sportsline, Audi R8 sports coupe turned into a real race car. German tuning house ABT Sportsline has announced their new project, which will be presented at the booth of the Geneva Motor Show 2013. From a cohort of machines you will for sure be able to set it apart as the new ABT R8 GTR based on the Audi R8 is trully attention-grabbing.


ABT R8 GTR Photo

Mid-engine coupe is equipped with a 10-cylinder power unit with a capacity of 620 horsepower, serial version has the power output of 525-hp. Maximum speed of ABT R8 GTR is 325 km / h From zero to “hundreds” this car accelerates in 3.2 seconds and to 200 km / h – in just 9.9 seconds. When they created the package of improvements engineers focused on reducing and ideally distributing the weight. Through their efforts, the car’s weight was reduced by 100 kg due to the widespread use of carbon fiber. Whether it’s the front or rear bumper, rear wing, door or hatch hood, all is made from carbon fiber.



To control the fervor red coupe special ceramic brakes and adjustable dampers were designed. For the ABT R8 GTR they offer forged alloy wheels. The interior is trimmed in Alcantara sports car red and black.

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