Audi Aicon Concept as a future autonomous car (part 2)

September 30, 2017 at 9:47 pm

The saloon’s design has several attractive features. The one of them is the screen, stretching from the front panel to the rear pillar, the second – the asymmetrical arrangement of the front passengers. In addition, the front seats turn to each side by 15 degrees. The pillows visually separated from the back and a square stitching creates an atmosphere of the room rather than the cabin in the car.

An interesting seat's arrangment in Aicon's cabin pic

An interesting seat’s arrangment in Aicon’s cabin pic

An electric platform increases the space for the luggage: the Aicon concept has two luggage compartments, front and rear, with a total capacity of 600 liters. Large windows enhance the visual sense of spaciousness. The glass is curved outward. There is an adjustment of the glass roof’s darkening. B-pillar is absent; the doors open in opposite directions. Headlamps and lanterns of the concept can show running strips of acceleration and deceleration or display messages and pictures for pedestrians.

The headlamps have several options photo

The headlamps have several options photo

Personal Intelligent Assistant PIA is an adaptive interactive device. It recognizes the owner of the car or passengers on the smart phone and activates the preferred settings of seats, and entertainment systems. The concept is also provided by a voice recognition, fast Internet connection and video conference option.

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