Audi has Released Sketches of the First Motorcycle

March 24, 2013 at 11:26 am

Audi has released sketches of their first sports bike. Will there be a serial production version of the concept is not yet reported. Audi Motorrad Concept was created by French designers Thibault Devauze and Marc Devauze. Let’s see what this project is all about!

 Audi Motorrad Concept

Audi Motorrad Concept Photo

One of the best automotive German brand’s first motorcycle has a futuristic design. Audi Motorrad Concept, in the opinion of the developers, should be driven by 0.85-liter engine with two cylinders, which is connected with the transmission with double clutch. In the manufacturing of the chassis the developers used ultra-light materials, which make the bike if Audi Motorrad Concept to compete with normal cars in terms of speed and power, but at the same time being a more portable and environmentally-safe personal transportation vehicle.

 Audi Motorrad Concept

Audi Motorrad Concept Pic

If the concept will make it to the serial production, you can be sure that it will also cost quite decent amount, even maybe like a compact car, though the creators do not worry about this: “The company BMW, which is the main competitor of Audi, sells motorcycles. And it would be a natural next step, if Audi would present the two-wheel project of their own. And this great Motorrad Concept is a perfect example!” – said Thibault.

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