Red Light for 2015 Audi A2

January 3, 2013 at 9:19 am

Management of the Audi company has decided to give up the series production of an electric vehicle Audi A2, a prototype of which was first demonstrated in the motor show in Frankfurt two years ago. It was assumed that the model will step on the conveyor in 2015. Despite the rejection of the start of production, the Audi representatives have noted that a number of developments and technologies applied in prototype of A2, will be used in future models of the brand.

2015 Audi A2

2015 Audi A2 Photo

The concept of electric Audi A2 of the year 2011 was equipped with a 85-kilowatt electric motor, which is powered by a set of lithium-ion battery that provide a 200-mile cruising range. Full charging of the battery when using a 240-volt outlet will take about four hours.

2015 Audi A2

2015 Audi A2 Pic

From zero and up to 96 kilometers per hour electric car accelerates in just nine seconds. Its top speed was electronically limited to 148 kilometers per hour. A distinctive feature of the A2 was a large amount of aluminum and carbon fiber material, which are used to create new design, so that the electric vehicle weight equal to 1150 kilograms. This, in turn, is about 120 pounds less than the planned main rival of the compact electric car – BMW i3.

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