Audi Plans to Expand its Line of Qs.

February 22, 2013 at 12:27 pm

Audi is trying to grow its customer audience, but up till now it was unable to beat their rivals from BMW. However, this great German automaker seeks every possible way for that and expects to be able to seize the initiative, significantly expanding its range of off-road models with the name label Q.

2013 Audi Q2

2013 Audi Q2 Pic

To the current Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 will join three more models: Q2, Q4 and Q6, on which the German automaker is currently working. All three “rookies” will be different from the current range of representatives of Q models by the sportier look. The timing of new products is not yet known, but Audi is definitely not going miss the chance to get the most out of the segment, which is expected by 2018 increase by 36%, as according to IHS Automotive.

2013 Audi Q4

2013 Audi Q4 Pic

Last year, Audi once again took second place in the global premium segment, resulting behind BMW. However, in the first month of the 2013th child Volkswagen brand has managed to beat the Bavarians, selling 111,750 vehicles, while its competitors were able to realize only 107,276 cars. If Audi will continue in the same spirit, the BMW will have to sweat, defending its status as the leading global premium segment.

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