Audi Q5 of new generation will be presented in Paris

January 31, 2016 at 8:00 pm

Audi is preparing new generation of mid-size crossover Q5 for the premiere. According to unofficial sources, the car will be presented this autumn. This was announced by the data of the British automotive publications, which have their insiders within the brand. According to their information, the presentation of the car will take place in a few months in the framework of the Paris Motor Show, which will begin its work after the Geneva Motor Show.

2016 Upgraded Audi Q5 crossover pic

2016 Upgraded Audi Q5 crossover pic

The updated crossover is built on the chassis of MLB, which has been run in the Audi Q7 and Q4 models. Due to it, this crossover will be unified, the weight of the vehicle will be reduced, and also the development of the car has been simplified. Also, the car will be slightly larger than its predecessor.

2015 Mighty Audi Q5 image

2016 Mighty Audi Q5 image

The car will be available with 2.0-liter petrol turbo engines with an output 190-250 horsepower. Also turbocharged diesel engine delivering 190 hp will be available. The basic version of the car will receive front wheel drive; more expensive modifications will be equipped with all wheel drive. Charged version RS Q5 will be on the top of the range. It will receive new gasoline turbo V6, the power of which, according to Autocar, will be closer to the mark of 500 hp.

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