Audi RS7 turned into Lamborghini Estoque at Tokyo Motor Show

February 19, 2015 at 4:45 pm

Lamborghini Estoque may still not go out into production, but enthusiasts have managed to create their own model.
Belladonna Car Works took matters into their own hands and created a model of Lamborghini Estoque with donor cars Audi RS7. The company specializes in exotic modifications and the creation of hybrid projects that can make even the envy of fantastic models Nissan NISMO. Without a doubt, a huge work and creativity have been invested in the realization of this unique project to life. Unfortunately, it looks as if Belladonna did not have enough time to finish the car company Lamborghini or ordered model show at the exhibition site without headlamps.

Audi RS7 turned into Lamborghini Estoque picture

Audi RS7 turned into Lamborghini Estoque pics

Does not yet have enough information about this model, but if you believe the company’s website, it will be equipped with 20-inch wheels, made by Belladonna. The site also said that the car will get air suspension from Roberuta Cup. Thanks to the front (275/30/20) and rear (345/25/20) tires from Nitto Invo it seems that the model is very broad.

Audi RS7 turned into Lamborghini Estoque image

Audi RS7 turned into Lamborghini Estoque pics

Recall that presented in autumn 2008 a prototype Lamborghini Estoque was very warmly received by the press and the public. This car was planned to start in the series in 2011, but the crisis is a project to create a four “Lambo” has been suspended.

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