Audi SQ5 will travel across America on autopilot

May 23, 2015 at 10:11 pm

Corporation Delphi, one of the largest US manufacturers of automotive parts, plans to take a trip across the USA crossover Audi SQ5 autopilot. The company plans to make a “very long trip in a car with a self-managed, ever undertaken in North America.”

Audi SQ5 picture

Audi SQ5 pics

The company itself will send a model Audi A7, equipped with an autopilot, in a trip from California to Nevada. During the time of arrival, the car will overcome 885 kilometers. Such a machine can be reconstructed, brake and overtake other road users.
The vehicle will travel more than 5.6 thousand kilometers and eventually make it to New York. During the trip, Delphi engineers intend to collect data on the operation of the autopilot in real road conditions and the safety of the use of such technologies in general.

Audi SQ5 pics

Audi SQ5image

“Delphi successfully tested the autopilot in California and in the streets of Las Vegas, – said one of the main engineers of the company, Jeff Owens. – Now it’s time for the most serious test. On this trip we will collect invaluable data, which as a result will help to bring our system of autonomous management of the market. ”

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