Audi Supercar Project

March 12, 2013 at 11:36 am

Audi is going to launch a new supercar that could compete with McLaren P1 and LaFerrari. Audi is preparing to jump over its R8 model. The German automaker is going to add to its line a new supercar that could compete with McLaren P1, LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder. This possibility was mentioned by the Technical Director of Audi Dyurhaymer Wolfgang. According to him, the project is still under evaluation, but the chances of running into a series are quite big.

Audi Supercar Concept

Audi Supercar Concept Pic

“We assess the prospects of the product, considering its market position, the impact on the brand image, cost of development and market readiness. Once all of these issues will be explored, we have a representation of what to do next. I expect the news till the September Frankfurt Motor Show “- Dyurhaymer said, adding that he personally promoted the project.

Audi Supercar Concept

Audi Supercar Concept Photo

Audi engineers are fully aware that such a model will not be sold in large numbers, but it can have a positive impact on the brand image. “The market for such vehicles is very limited, but they are very important for the image and perception of the brand by consumers. This should be the goal of the creation of such cars, “- said Dyurhaymer.

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