The new prototype Audi prologue Avant

April 13, 2015 at 7:55 pm

The new prototype is also equipped with Audi all-wheel chassis for the rear wheels turn the electric motor is responsible. At low speeds the wheel at the stern rotated in the opposite direction from the front side. The maximum angle is five degrees. At high speeds the rear wheels turn in the same direction with the front.
The interior of the Audi prologue Avant are four displays. One replaces the dashboard, and two are located on the left and right of it. The first is responsible for the management of lighting fixtures, and the second – for the entertainment features. In addition, a touch screen, made of made of organic LEDs (OLED) the film is positioned before the selector gearbox. He is responsible, for example, for text entry and ventilation control.

Audi prologue Avant picture

Audi prologue Avant pics

This screen can change their shape: when the machine is plugged, its surface is smooth, but with the engine running, it is curved, which reduces the distance to it by laying on the lever of the box the driver’s hands.
Plus, the two tablet computer for the rear passengers are built into the headrests of the front seat. These gadgets can also be used outside the car. People on the rear seats also have the option to adjust the seating position, change settings, climate control and audio system using touch screens are also made of bendable OLED-film.

Audi prologue Avant pics

Audi prologue Avant image

The list of equipment Audi prologue Avant also includes 22-inch wheels, carbon ceramic brakes with 20-inch wheels, air suspension, wireless charging battery hybrid power plant, as well as laser matrix headlights.

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