Audi Cars with New Lighting Equipment

February 6, 2013 at 9:08 am

In the future, Audi will be equipped with new technology for lighting that will more accurately respond to environmental conditions, and its management will be fully electronic. The first step in this direction will be made later this year with the advent of innovative LED headlights Matrix LED.

Audi Matrix LED

Pic of Audi Matrix LED

The essence of the new technology is that the high beam emitted by LEDs is divided into several segments. Individual LEDs are working together with the lenses and reflectors, provide lighting consistently high quality, with no need for rotary mechanism – instead LEDs are individually enabled, disabled, or muted. This new technology allows engineers and designers of Audi the tremendous flexibility in choosing the number of LEDs, their locations, and the size and appearance of the headlights.

Audi Matrix LED

Photo of Audi Matrix LED

LED headlights Audi Matrix LED get the necessary information from the camera, the navigation system or other sensors. When the camera detects other vehicles, the high beam is divided into several zones, and in certain subareas it is locked. Even in difficult situations, lights can illuminate the area between several cars.

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