Audi prompts to select the car in virtual reality glasses

January 17, 2015 at 5:20 pm

In exchange for real money customers will continue to achieve real car Audi brand. But to configure them for themselves the company offers via virtual reality glasses. Rate the selected options, colors and finishes can be developed that do not touch.
Audi has announced the launch of a pilot marketing program VR experience. It provides for an appearance in the showrooms of the brand throughout the world of virtual reality glasses, through which customers will be able to configure the car and see the results in 3D-graphics.
In the showrooms “Audi” did not specify which countries will take part in this program and also are not disclosed manufacturer points. Journal Gizmag identified model as Oculus Rift DK2. We only know that the first copies of dealers will receive the end of 2015.

virtual reality Audi showroom pics

virtual reality Audi showroom picture

Previously, Nissan has launched a pilot program for reformatting auto. Japanese brand wants to be removed from the dealerships stand at the entrance, behind which usually sits staff welcomes guests, as well as make it more open jobs sales managers.

virtual reality Audi showroom pics

virtual reality Audi showroom image

The program “Audi VR experience” starts this year and will affect dealerships in countries whose markets the company believes “dynamically developing”.

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