All Audi Q7 have got eight-step “automatics”

January 24, 2015 at 12:23 am

Like the sedan executive class Q7 has now received eight-automatic transmission, and, presumably, soon such transmission will go on a more affordable model. The Company had no comment on that possibility, but the journalists of the American edition of Autoweek received from one of the dealers of the information that in the coming months will begin taking orders for the eight-A4, A5 and Q5.
New eightfold “machine” does not give a significant advantage over any six-speed ride on or switching speed. For both boxes have no complaints. But fresh automatic transmission is saving of about 5% of fuel.

Audi Q7 picture

Audi Q7 pics

Whether we need this innovation? In this I was trying to figure out listening to their feelings driving eight-Q7. I must say, and smooth shifting six-speed box was on the ball. The main motive of German Engineers is this economy. As the main transmission after 100 km / h motor uses eighth. But that is not all. In the center of Ingolstadt Audi, which has brought us the route, engineers are ready to talk about the new automatic transmission for hours.

Audi Q7 pics

Audi Q7 image

This is not the transmission ZF, which is placed on the A8. For SUV box does Aisin, and it has its own peculiarities. Contributing to the reduction of fuel consumption makes the heating system of the box. The hot antifreeze from the motor goes to the “automatic”. So the engineers were able to reduce the power loss in the automatic transmission, as long as it is cold and there dense oil. And, as explained in the Audi, the new transmission is 11 kg lighter. For SUV, weighing 2.2 tons, of course, a trifle. But overall result has been achieved: reduction of fuel consumption is about 5% in comparison with the six-speed gearbox.

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