Autonomous Audi A7 car drove from California to Las Vegas

February 21, 2015 at 11:46 pm

Audi has demonstrated new possibilities of unmanned vehicle Audi A7, a ride on it journalists from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas. Autonomous car successfully drove 885 km, to cope with all the features of behavior on the road.

According to the head of the development of Audi new technologies Ulrich Hackenberg « from the west coast of California to Las Vegas test car demonstrated the leading position of our company among other car manufacturers, who are engaged in autonomous vehicles. This test drive took place in real traffic and it has been implemented through cooperation of our experts with scientists’ laboratory research and development of electronics company Volkswagen».

Autonomous car during a test drive went on self-management, moving with a speed of 110 kilometers per hour and effectively use cameras, radars and lasers.

Audi A7 picture

Audi A7 pics

During the trip the car to perform complex maneuvers, reconstructed in another lane, overtaking other cars and adapting to any situation on the road and other road users. Perform any maneuver the car and any movement in accordance with the control system, which responded to all the features of the road with precision and safety.

Despite this success, the prototype of the Audi A7 until you can not walk on the roads of general use. As soon as the sensors detect the car closer to the locality, the system informs the driver and passes control to it.

Audi A7 image

Audi A7 pics

Even the date of issue of autonomous cars Audi A7 is not yet disclosed. But according to the company all the necessary technology for this process are ready. Only need to wait for official permission for serial production of the car, which must be approved in the near future.

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