New Audi Prologue car Part II

December 20, 2014 at 4:45 pm

Concept car recently presented by the German brand will surprise many people. Driver is simply overlaid screens in it – there’s even a touch screen on hand on the center console. A system voltage is four times higher than that of conventional machines.

Driver of Audi Prologue is deprived of the usual instrument panel – its role will play three touch screens, which are used to display all sorts of information and control additional functions. There was a touch-screen monitor and on the center console, which can be used to control the air conditioning and to introduce a variety of data (for example, the navigation system or phone number) using handwriting.

Audi Prologue pics

Audi Prologue image

The concept has only four seats, which are capable of self-adjust to the riders, setting up not only the geometry, but also climate. In this chair determines its “owner” with the dialogue with his smartphone. The interior is decorated with aluminum Audi prologue and several skin types.

Audi Prologue picture

Audi Prologue pics

Previously, the manufacturer claims that the prototype will have to give an idea about the new generation flagship model, so prologue logically viewed as a hint of the new Audi A8. However, the possibility of the release of a large coupe in Audi said more than once.

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