Rally Audi Quattro Group B was put up for sale

June 2, 2015 at 4:36 pm

The British auction house Bohnams auctioned rally car Audi Quattro, speaking in 1980 in the group B.
Put up for sale Audi Quattro was built in early 1982. In the same year the Finnish driver Hannu Mikkola on this machine is the second on the Monte Carlo Rally, having failed to overtake Walter Röhrl on the Opel Ascona. Then coupe was 16th on Rally Sweden. Subsequently, this car Audi used for training and in 1983 was sold.

Rally Audi Quattro Group B pics

Rally Audi Quattro Group B image

The car has got the driver Antero Laine, who went on it until 1987, twice won the Finnish Rally Championship and Rally three times in the Arctic. Then the car was replaced by three other owners, but almost every year took part in the race. In 1991, Quattro has acquired a Swedish collector Anders Carlsson, putting it in your museum.

Rally Audi Quattro Group B picture

Rally Audi Quattro Group B pics

Four years later, this car along with several other artifacts from the museum Carlsson was sold at its current owner, who brought her to a working state.
The price for bailing out the car starts from 240 thousand to 280 thousand pounds (336-393 thousand euros).

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