Audi TT Coupe S Tuning Option

December 28, 2012 at 9:55 am

As majority of critics say that Audi models are great cars not just because of their true German quality, powerful ride and engaging driving, but also because these cars are extremely flexible and one can tailor from them everything that they would want. Majority of people who choose Audi, are people who strive for sport and power, therefore new compact model of Audi TT with the S-index, that indicates sport line of the automaker, is the perfect choice for some people, but now it is even more interesting, as it got new sporty tuning option.

Audi TT Coupe S-Line

Audi TT Coupe S-Line Tuning Photo

Audi TT in a coupe body style can be named now as a true leader among the sporty and fancy cars. The redefined car first of all got more advanced engine, that now provides a power output of at least 212-horsepower. The volume was left at the same level, so that the fuel economy would stay unchanged, even though people who buy such cars do not really care about how much fuel such a beauty would need. The car also got new aerodynamics to increase the performance, but also to give it a more sporty and aggressive look, among the features that add up to this there are new bumpers, specially places and emphasized airintakes, new exhaust system and other.

Audi TT Coupe S-Line

Audi TT Coupe S-Line Tuning Rear Side Image

As the tuned car is supposed to embrace different people it offer three body-paint options. All in all for such a sporty package you will have to pay at least $4500. We think that this is a considerable price for this great Audi TT S-Line.

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