New Audi A5 Design Look Up

December 14, 2012 at 9:32 am

Audi A5 is a great car that was named as a model that has some species in it as well as has some soft glamour. From the beginning it turned out that from year 2007 there were more than 300 000 coupe, convertible and five-door Sportbacks of this car sold. Today, the new Audi A5 does not seem out of date even against younger competitors, and is one of the most elegant cars of our time. Classic and not too posh forms are close to the ideal car proportions – not big and not small, not high and not low – they create an image that is close to the ideal of “personal luxury coupe”, as would one call this car with a special terminology.

Audi A5 2013

Audi A5 2013 Model Photo

Not surprisingly, such a successful appearance (among other things, the current chief designer of the Volkswagen Group, Walter de Silva, refers to this new Audi as his most favorite car) did not touch, confining literally two-three final strokes. New car got a slightly changed pattern of the grille and the new lines are so soft and smooth, that not everyone would readily notice. If you look closely – at the upper base of the inverted trapezoid there are now corners, just like on the new A6 and A8.

Audi A5 2013

Audi A5 2013 Model Image

More noticeable features of the new design include alloy wheels with spokes as if imitating a turbofan of an aircraft engine blades. The lights are all real fetish from da Silva and company. Not surprisingly, almost all models of group differ with a very original light engineering, following the forefront of fashion trends. The form of headlights was also changed, they are now rather like a triangle than a rectangle.

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